Tetra Private Lounge & Garden is a members only cannabis friendly establishment. We pride ourselves on giving our members a safe and enjoyable place to smoke, dab, vape, and socialize with like minded individuals.


YOUR TETRA MEMBERSHIP IS AN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT BY YOU THAT YOU WILL ACT AS A MATURE ADULT AND WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN DECISIONS. BY ACCEPTING OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS “THIS AGREEMENT,” YOU ARE ACKNOWLEDGING YOUR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR BEHAVIOR AND YOU ARE RELEASING TETRA LOUNGE, MARIJUANA DISTRIBUTION COMPANY, HOSTING VENUE AND ITS OWNERS, OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, EMPLOYEES, AND AGENTS, COLLECTIVELY REFERRED TO AS “THE COMPANY” FROM ANY LIABILITY RESULTING FROM ANY INJURY SUFFERED BY YOU AND ARE INDEMNIFYING THE COMPANY FROM ANY LIABILITY RESULTING FROM ANY ACTION TAKEN. This document creates a contractual relationship between The Company and you, the “Customer.” After reading this entire customer agreement (the “agreement”), in order for reservation (“rsvp,” “ticket,” or “reservation”) to be completed, you must indicate your acceptance of our terms and conditions and this agreement in it’s entirety. Accordingly, failure to accept our Terms and Conditions and or this agreement will prevent you from becoming a member of Tetra private lounge and garden.