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Tetra Private Lounge and Garden is Denver's exclusive private consumption lounge. We offer a safe and enjoyable environment to consume your cannabis products and socialize with like-minded individuals. As a private lounge, every guest must be a pre-register member in order to gain access to the amenities offered. Members use the space as a daily co-op workspace and socialize nightly at our private themed events. 


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Live Music

Every week, Tetra Private Lounge and Garden holds a live music night for it's members. Enjoy our in-house performers, or special guests, for some free flowing jams

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mmj Showcase

Each Sunday, the MMJ Showcase is held at Tetra for different brands, music and social gathering. Like-minded individuals can come and enjoy themselves and connect with one another. 

Chronic & Canvas

Join Tetra Private Lounge and Garden for a weekly session of painting. Bring your imagination and your own consumables, to enjoy while our instructor walks you through different techniques to create a unique work of art. Click here for tickets.