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4.20.2018 at Tetra Private Lounge:


Weekend Events

This year at Tetra Private Lounge and Garden we have the pleasure of hosting some really exciting events for 4/20. Young Dolph and Street Execs will be joining us all day with games, vendors, giveaways and a lot other activities for our members. As usual, this event is completely private so you must RSVP before hand. Tickets will be available through Tetra and Street Execs for this elevated event.

On 4/22/2018 we will be hosting one of our biggest Showcases to date at the lounge. We will be featuring some great brands, talented local artists and fun activities for all. 

For all events being hosted during 4/20 weekend, attendees must, RSVP Click below too RSVP.


For more information, contact Tetra Management at info@tetralounge.com



Connect | Create | Collaborate

Tetra Private Lounge and Garden is Denver's exclusive private consumption lounge. We offer a safe and enjoyable environment to consume your cannabis products and socialize with like-minded individuals. As a private lounge, every guest must be a pre-register member in order to gain access to the amenities offered. Members use the space as a daily co-op workspace and socialize nightly at our private themed events. 


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Live Music

Every week, Tetra Private Lounge and Garden holds a live music night for it's members. Enjoy our in-house performers, or special guests, for some free flowing jams

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mmj Showcase

Each Sunday, the MMJ Showcase is held at Tetra for different brands, music and social gathering. Like-minded individuals can come and enjoy themselves and connect with one another. 

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Chronic & Canvas

Join Tetra Private Lounge and Garden for a weekly session of painting. Bring your imagination and your own consumables, to enjoy while our instructor walks you through different techniques to create a unique work of art. Click here for tickets.

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